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    7 Deadly Ways To Save Money at Your Wedding!

    • 07
    • July
    • By: Sean Garrity
    • July 7, 2017
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    7 Deadly Ways to Save Money at Your Wedding

    1-Keep your GUEST LIST to a minimum-believe it or not this one will make you seem like a villain but you don’t wanna start your marriage in debt cause of people you really do not know or hang out with.

    2Do it on a Tuesday-I said Tuesday but basically during the week. Most vendors are extremely busy on weekends and during the week very dead. They will take any gig, and may even have you name your own price. (kidding but you get the pic)

    3Forget the banquet hall and choose your favorite family restaurant.-Your favorite restaurant already comes with everything built in, decor, tables, chairs, utensils, lighting, serve staff and most of all PARKING!!

    4Timing is EVERYTHING-Have your wedding during the off peak seasons. In South Florida Summer is your off peak but keep in mind Hurricanes and erratic weather are the order of the day. Its just the chance you gonna have to take.

    5-Do not Choose ‘Significant dates’. Ex Valentines Day, NY’s Eve, July 4th. These dates have major surcharges. I really don’t need to explain this one. Also if things don’t work out you wont have that annual reminder.

    6Non Traditional Suppliers -Cakes, Wedding Rings and these things can be costly. Try your BJs store for the cake, Costco for the ring and so forth. Jared will be way more for a similar style and make ring. Besides just remember you are on a budget. Even party favors and flowers can be had from somewhere non traditional like a Dollar store.

    7Send an Evite: paper costs can add up, but best of all with an evite you can see your guest count quickly and easily. You can also add in your registry info all in one shot!

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